Easy to Use

Carcal is user-friendly and intuitive - exactly what your car delivery board should be. Plus, if you have any issues, you can talk to a real live person Mon-Fri from 8AM to 5PM EST.

and simple

Getting cars delivered never felt so good!

Automatic worry-free upgrades

As a member of Carcal you get access to numerous code enhancements and updates automatically. Wake up in the morning and have new features at your disposal. All to help you better manage your delivery board

Automatic Customer Support

Need Help? Pick up the phone and call us! You will get a live person who wants nothing more than to help mak life in Carcal easier for you so you keep using it.

Your delivery board,
anywhere you want it.

Hello freedom, goodbye service desk. With Carcal, your delivery board is accessible to you everywhere and on all your devices. This will help you track deliveries and get-ready job cards wherever and whenever.

Available Everywhere:

Tablet, smartphone, laptop, desktop, notebook, netbook, TV or anything with a browser attached to it. Carcal goes with you wherever you may be.

Automatic Secure Backups

With Carcal your data is entirely secure and protected. Further, we back up your data in multiple data warehouses and web hosting facilities to make sure your delivery board is available at all times.

Amazing Other Features

Carcal also serves as a lead incubator. Set your receptionist up with an account and they can log traffic as it comes in the store and classify them as walk-ins, internet leads, appointments or phone-ins. Offer courtesy car service? Carcal can help you manage who has them, when they have them and how they were returned.

Lead Incubator

Every car you sell results in at least 1 visit to your dealership. But, do you have an exact number of how many customers walk into your dealership every day? Carcal has a lead incubator for receptionists to log all in-store traffic.

Lead Classification

Receptions can log what each customer is there for and which sales rep talked to them.

CRM Integration or Substitute

This information can be exported to ANY CRM software that your store may use to close the deal. No CRM? No problem, the lead incubator can serve as your CRM!

Group Level Support

Own and manage multiple dealerships? The group level dashboard gives you an idea of the traffic of all of your stores neatly on 1 screen so you can compare each store’s performance. Wow!

And So Much More...


  • Add unlimited job cards/get ready sheets
  • Customize your job cards / get ready sheets
  • Weekly and monthly delivery calendar views with color-coded updates for different tasks
  • Fully managaed email notifications when changes with vehicle status updates and changes
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Courtesy Car

  • Match courtesy car check-outs with work order number
  • Track mileage, time-in and time-out
  • Add unlimited courtesy cars, license plates and models
  • Customizeable fields to track anything you want (condition of the car, leasing agreement and license copies.)
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Lead Incubator

  • Log walk-in traffic
  • Classify traffic as phone-ins or internet leads
  • Appointment scheduling for sales reps
  • Customer worksheets for sales reps to fill out with customer and emailed to Sales Managers
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