Unlimited Amount of Job Cards – Create as many job cards as you need so cars sold are out the door and logged as fast your sales team can sell them. Features
Support New and Used Cars –Regardless of the nature of your dealership the job card calendar will work and collect details necessary for you. Features
Details! Details! Details! – All typical job card data (you know what it is) is already included in this web calendar. Features
Export – All data from the job card is transferrable to Excel/Word and other major standard exports are being rolled out everyday Features
People Management – Manage your database of service advisors or sales people. Add/modify the list on your own to match changing people in your dealership! Features
New Cars? No Problem! – Maintain your database of courtesy cars with all of the appropriate details such as model #, license plates and serial numbers. Features
Enhanced Courtesy Vehicle Logging – Have your service staff easily control the location of your courtesy cars, when they go out, when they come back and the work order number referenced to each person with the car! Features
24/7/365 Carcal Gurus – 24/7/365 access to Carcal gurus with you for life to help you streamline your new or used car deliveries and management of courtesy cars. Features
Under the hood – Secure calendar and database hosting included. We setup and take care of your calendar as well as all server upgrades. Plus you get 24/7/365 monitoring and 99.99% uptime guaranteed backed by our industry leading SLA. Features
Unlimited Bandwidth – We want your dealership to be successful regardless of how full your courtesy car or job card calendar gets. You will never see a bandwidth bill from us. Unlimited bandwidth is included in all plans. Features