Hooray! Your sales rep has just sold another vehicle! Now comes the trying process of getting the car out the door for delivery to the customer. How is your car dealership doing deliveries? Are they still doing them by hand? Or, on a giant delivery board in your sales office? If so this can be a problem. You know what we’re talking about, nobody in the dealership seems to know where a car is in the process of getting out the door to a customer.  Has service done their thing? Has the detailer had his turn with it? Paperwork done? The only good thing is its great exercise trying to figure all of that out.  In the end though nobody knows when and where a car is at.

Also, some business managers have their own car get ready systems in place (well, if you can call them systems that is). Some business managers like having the old fashioned paper get-ready form stapled and walked around the dealership on a clipboard.  Some others may have get-readys setup in an Outlook or Google calendar, but that doesn’t really show all the details that are needed either. The point is, all of these unique and independent processes don’t make getting the car up the customer streamlined at all. That’s where Carcal comes in.  Carcal is an entirely web-based application that centralizes all deliveries and get ready’s in one calendar for anyone to see.  All of your dealerships deliveries… all in one place.  Anyone from the general manager to the detailer can login and see what needs to be done on which vehicle before they can get out to the customer.  Any problems, questions or changes to the get ready can easily be made in the system and instantaneously notifying all the appropriate team members working on that vehicle. No more guessing games.

Carcal lets you do away with the paper get-readys. The system allows you to entirely customize your get-ready process and electronic work sheet right from the ground up. Add in your own tasks and customize the exact way you need.  Other features in the app include courtesy car management, used-car reconditioning work sheets and a simple traffic log for your receptionists to log how many people come into the dealership each day.

Contact us today to take Carcal for a spin! You will be glad you did.

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